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You are one in a million!
"I admire your dedication, creative ideas and business savvy.  I wish I could hire you full time. You've given my business an added push! Ideas just come flowing from you like a waterfall. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~Jillian
Join the Success Team!
MississaugaWebsites is part of your team with graphic artists, skilled editors and writers, and my web development and SEO skills. As a keynote speaker (30-90 minutes), I provide valuable sound advice on how to spend your advertising dollars on the Internet. Our top performance website work is based on tried and true scientific methods. At Mississauga websites, we follows best practice business analytical tools that work every time.
MississaugaWebsites stands for beauty, prosperity and above all clarity. We showcase your website/business in its BEST light. Inquiries:Irma at MississaugaWebsites 416-998-3122.
Current Project (April 2018)
Who Should Design Your Website?
The web designer should carve out your business as you would see it---in your eyes--Then; add flare and prestige to your business. Renting a fishing boat? Call it CHARTERED FISHING with expert guides. Do you already have a website and is it collecting cob webs and not new customers? Is your website hard to understand or navigate -or- hard to find? Why do some websites seem to generate business and others don't?

At Mississauga Websites, we establish a strong return on your website investment dollar. After graduating from Web Design at CDI College, they asked me to be their Faculty Assistant (FA) for the new students at CDI's Web Design course. My communication skills are very good and having the highest marks in my class helps. It is not always what you know, but the ability to express this information to others in plain English. I have studied Economics, Math and Programming (B.A.) and have developed a good analytical approach to Internet Marketing. My past life was supporting the Traders in the Investment sector in Toronto & New York where I implemented Project Management (PM) tools and enhanced call flow. We embrace change as we are constantly improving our services. We are now graduating to the mobile markets as demand increases in that sector. Our motto is "BE FLEXIBLE"! (I learned that from my dad!)

Call Irma at Mississauga Websites 416-998-3122 and be part of a WINNING TEAM!  

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Mississauga websites builds Internet success with websites and many value added services for your business.
Often times Mississauga websites pay for themselves within the first year. Karen O'Connell Designs had recovered the cost of the website in its first year. Karen has added her own pages to her website. Please take a look at her site. Click on the graphic below.
Why We are Unique
Mississauga Websites thrives on competition when it comes to showcasing your business. We work hard to beat the competition! New ideas are implemented as they arrive. None of our websites are spammed for improper use of keywords. Our quality websites are on page one as Google Guidelines are strictly met.
"Mississaugawebsites: we are online to impact your bottom line"
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Road to SUCCESS!
Feedback on my websites: warm, friendly and very professional. The work is never ending. Mississaugawebsites applies the laws of "Internet" attraction  The press release is launches. Updates -ongoing

new Testimonial
I wanted to thank you for the incredible work you've done marketing my website.I have more customers then in the past 20 years. The website is now responsible for HALF Of our companies sales. You are the first person that has really made a difference ~Dan Oxford



Mississaugawebsites enjoys continued success for

Our SEO(search engine optimization) service is a success! Most important: the hits have translated into sales, increase in business.

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