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Social Marketing /Social networking.
"They like me! They really really like me!
Here's my latest twitter "tweets" - add to your website /or blog (custom colours)

You can add your tweets to your website or blog.--> Each tweet automatically updates your website as you can see here.

I love to share quotes. When I see a good one I will tweet about it. My new website launches are tweet-worthy. I let everyone know!

Spreading good news.
Twitter is here to Stay
I remember when Twitter first came out. It was the "buzz" with the Techies. The Egghead Brigade. Now its mainstream. I'm glad that I learned about it that early. I'm happy to say that my research skills are bat-like. My first reaction was..twitter, tweets? What? Have you heard about twellow? this is teh  'fairly' new advertising branch from twitter.
WHAT'S NEW - Facebook Changes on March 30, 2012
I’m sure you’ve noticed the big change since March 30, Facebook has changed it’s pages into the new Timeline design, including business pages. Many people are not happy about the change. Those who are business minded know how to accept, and most importantly, adapt to change. Properly used, Timeline has been shown to increase engagement by 46% on average.
Why should I have a Facebook Fan Page?

If you’ve bought a URL for your website then you should have a fan page on Facebook to go with it. Sometimes its called a "Facebook" webpage.  As soon as you’ve followed the simple steps it takes to create a page, you need to pester 32 of your friends to like the page. It was 25 fans (friends). The stakes are rising. You have to earn your place in Facebook's pecking order. You then have a Facebook custom URL. Use your page to collect committed followers who are interested in what you have to say. Now, we are at the hard part. The challenge. How to get people to like you? To really, really like you! Facebook is one of the strongest marketing tools that I can recommend, and if you are not part of it, then you should. If you really want Facebook to be your friend, you need help from Facebook's friends:-Twitter and Linked-In. Now you have a Bermuda Triangle. Don't get lost.
Social networking Ranking 2012
Facebook - Number 1
Twitter - Number 2
LinkedIn  - Number 3

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