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SEO and Ranking  Services
~ Marketers War Chest ~ Value $2,980 Premier System for Network Marketing. This system works. Includes online and Off-line Marketing Tips, custom to your business. My clients will tell you that you get your initial investment back and improve your business by 30% (or more) the following year. We work exclusively for YOU!
SEO Geek
Top Ten List
1.     Keyword Research & selections ($197)
2.     Facebook cash cow e.g.:  (value $247)
3.     ARTICLE MARKETING domination top 3 marketing webs in existence($247)
4.     EZINES, SOLID ADS, list builders, classifieds and forums. ($147)
5.     Blogging ~professional looking blog ($297)
6.     Google ~ pay per click Marketing ($327/mon)
7.     Twitter ($197)
8.     Video Marketing exposed ($497)
9.     Other: Squidoo, hubpages, Closing Skills. Leads for FREE. ($397)
10.   How to build an Internet empire! Strategies and Tips.($427)
Packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
Download our prices. Select from our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. We have an introductory platinum package for one month at $2,980, for you to skyrocket to top Internet performance! This is very powerful as we develop your Internet presence. You can then drop down to the Bronze package for $400/month, or any of the other packages. You are not obligated for any long term periods. You can choose one month, three month or longer terms for your SEO service. I would recommend a three month package. After that I can set up a training package($347 for 90 minutes) a second session is $247. You can continue to build your Internet market yourself. This tutorial includes follow up support for 3 weeks. You can also choose to take the training only and do your own SEO. You do need an expert in the beginning to show you the ropes.
What does Google have to say about SEO?
PLATINUM PACKAGE ~ Marketers War Chest Value $2,980
Premier System for Network Marketing. This system works. Online and Off-line Marketing tips, custom to your business. We educate you on how to maintain your SEO.
The SEO Journey
We are starting our work on this website; www.tillsvisalaw.com for their SEO service. It is a challenge. The competition is very high. The client is a fourth generation lawyer, residing in Western New York, specializing in Immigration Law in the US. Stephen Tills' website has consistantly been on page one in Google's search engine. from #2 spot to number 6. He is not on google maps for Buffalo since his office is in Orchard park. This is a CHALLENGE.
dudley doright
What is  White Hat and Black Hat  SEO?
Here is the famous Dudley Do-Right, the white hat v.s. villanous Snidely Whiplash. Mr. Black "HAT". Things are no different on the Internet. The good guys or white hat SEO's do a professional job and the black hat SEO's may get you traffic to your site. Maybe using link farms. Watch you don't get black listed from Google's search engines with dirty tricks. Usually, black hat SEO's don't know they are incompetent.
8 years of research. See results. Our success stories: Testimonials from big money earners are: paulscrap.ca lacewigscanada.ca, homestagingtopsales.com, frankbaileygraphics.com, kasiastudio.com
search engine optimization
White-Hat SEO's
A White Hat SEO is well versed in Internet Analysis. They have strong analytical abilities and marketing savvy. Even a "new" website can climb the ladder quickly to the top of the search engines with a good SEO. White Hat SEO's use appropriate links to enhance your service. A landscaper may link to Habitat for Humanity. It’s not only about links. What you say about your business and if you highlight the strengths of your business well is also important. The website is your electronic calling card.

Our goal at Mississaugawebsites Studio is to make your website very intriguing and at the same time informative to help propel your website up the Internet ranking ladder. Sometimes, we will find ourselves on the path less traveled with new creative ideas to get your website noticed ...a high definition website.  
search engine optimization
Black Hat SEO's
The goal of the SEO is to get traffic or "hits" to your website. Your desire is to get 'conversions' or actual new clients from these hits on your website. The goal of the Black Hat SEO's will get you the hits and may add your domain name to what is called "Link Farms". Your domain name is shared with a lot of other websites in not so related fields. Using mass affiliate marketing is frowned upon by search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. They will identify the 'offending' websites and black list your website.

Search engines are like snakes and ladders. If you make one false move, you will slide down the snake to the bottom of search or disappear completely. Google recognizes padded keywords and other inappropriate activities. You may be banned from a search engine until you clean up your act. Search engines are forgiving. The Black Hat SEO's will not guarantee any conversions or new clients. Your traffic improves. However, it is safe to say, their service has a low probability of conversions.  
What is Ranking?
Advertising dollars are shifting from print to the Internet. Improving your rank is more important then a good looking website. To be able to find your site on the first page of a search engine such as Google or Yahoo is the goal of an SEO provider.
What is Search engine optimization (SEO)?
SEO is a generic way of getting your website noticed on the Internet by the most people. Good SEO gets your website higher up the ranking ladder of success on the Internet. Do you want maximum exposure for your website? you need to hire a "good" SEO person. As more people hear about you on the Internet, the better your chances are that they will use your service or buy your products.

What happened to Print  Advertising?
Online news is popular as print news and ads are dwindling. I was asked to create a website for a client that owns a weekly newspaper www.tevzib.com to boost their readerships and at the same time embrace the transition from print news to Internet news. The value of the website is that new subscriptions and buying advertisements are handled with an online form. A very popular page for their website is the calendar of events, publishing upcoming events. It's hard to say when and if the day will come that print will become a thing of the past.

What is Twitter?
Twitter helps your ranking. The more visible you are, the better. Even if its a large hot air balloon or a big bird. Stand up and be seen! When you hear the TV news anchorman say "for more of this story log into my twitter account on ??TV ....", you know this has really caught on. Some things just skyrocket. This is what happened to twitter. You can link Twitter to your mobile phone. This was the read deal in case you're asking. Twitter has a few interesting templates that gives you the blog feel. You can latch onto someone's account similar to Face book. There are some elements from these two social medias in Twitter. And yes, you can add videos too. This would have been sublimated from Youtube. All the elements are there. The cherry on the Sundae is the mobile phone link that propelled this geek world to mainstream society.
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Do it yourself "SECRETS"  TOP EIGHT(8) SEO TIPS
  1. Keyword selections (software)
  2. Content writing (professional writers/editors)
  3. Article marketing (writing articles to online directories)
  4. Email marketing (opt-in, newsletters)
  5. Twitter (link to mobile phones)
  6. Facebook, Digg, Zomminfo -registery
  7. Regular website updates
  8. Blogs (web logs aka journals)
John McCormack-CGA CFP Accountant in Oakville & Mississauga

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