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Our Team
A great website is created when a lot of very talented people with very different skills get together to implement a vision.

Mississauga websites partners with independent companies that have the talent and the skills to give you a great website. Choose your own professional artist from our affiliated partners, to design your website. By selecting the artistic style, you are guaranteed a great website that matches your vision.

Not just any company can become an Mississauga websites partner.  Each of our partners has to meet our criteria:
  • Experience - Each partner has multiple years of experience in their area of expertise
  • Talent - Each partner has a portfolio, showcasing their capabilities
  • Value Added Services - Each partner can provide multiple services to our clients
  • Small Business Focus - Each partner works with and understands the small business market
  • Affordable - Each partner provides top quality services affordable by the average small business
How I got here?
Irma's resume starts when I graduated from Brock University in St. Catherines. I was lead stroke on starboard side for Brock's rowing team. That's when I learned about team work and how important everyone is to the project.
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